Free (GPL) Dictionary (incorporating Konjugator and Rhymer)

Storfa aur, geirfa'r iaith

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How to use Rhymer

About Eurfa

I started work on Eurfa in 2003, and released the first version in 2006. It is the largest Welsh dictionary under a free license, and it was the first dictionary of a Celtic language to list verbal inflections and mutated forms.

This new edition benefits from the work done in using Eurfa in the Bangor Autoglosser, and includes simplifications of the database layout, corrections, and additions. In particular, mutated words are no longer listed in the database - they are detected on-the-fly, and the appropriate non-mutated word is returned. Eurfa includes, as before, an application to find rhyming words (Rhymer), and I have taken the opportunity to add new functionality by embedding Konjugator, a Welsh verb conjugator that I first released in 2005.

There are about 211,000 words in Eurfa, but the current number of lemmas is 10393:


I have consulted a number of sources for the information in Eurfa, and I am grateful to their authors. Any mistakes in the material presented here are my responsibility.

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